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 Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Q: What is ?
With approximately 1000 professionals, is the first web portal allowing professionals mainly in the Health sector (doctors, dental surgeons, osteopaths,…) working with a medical secretary or not, to manage their appointments online and for patients to book appointments easily and quickly in security without any software download. The Professional dwells master of his planning by programming his activity according to his needs (several consultations, several types of appointments, home visits, reminders, clients rights, secretaries,...). It is tailor-made and free for patients.
Q: If free, how do you run and support the site financially ?
The service is financially supported by the professionals fees and by advertisements, banners and inserts which can be placed non-intrusively on the pages of the site. Advertising places are clearly identified by the pictogram named advertisement next to the advertising banners or by the wording public information (or official statement) next to a text. We need to differentiate between health professionals who will watch advertisements corresponding to their field from other users who will only see standard advertisements either for OTC products, cosmetics, as it is generally done on the web. We must remind you that advertisements for restricted medical products is prohibited for the general public in Europe. In addition, we propose a number of paid options such as appointment reminder by SMS for example.
Q: Can my clients book their appointments by phone on
The professional has the opportunity to offer to his customers the opportunity to book their appointments on the internet and he (or his secretary or his colleagues) can of course insert them directly when clients are on the phone. Furthermore, offers you the possibity to transfer your phone line to our call center which then allows to combine the Internet and voice service advantages.
Q: Which kind of equipment do I need to use ? is optimized for the most used and recent browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Internet Explorer (not recommended), and can therefore be used with a machine running Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. Your computer should be powerful enough to browse efficiently on the internet and a DSL/Cable connection is required for Professionals as it is a ASP application made to be used all day long. For more comfort, it is strongly advised to be equipped with a monitor with a minimum resolution of 1024x768. The use of mobile internet is possible on some recent terminals (iPhone, Android,...) but we are working on building a specific interface adapted to a real nomad use.
Q: Will you remain free ?
Indeed we will continue to propose the portal for free to patients as well as to health professionals by using a financing through advertising as specified in the TOS. In order to satisfy professionals who do not wish any advertisement or need advanced capabilities like export, a Premium account is available.
Q: Is it possible to set a link from my personal site to so that my patients can make appointments ?
We encourage you to place a link on your personal website to allow your clients to book their appointments. To do so, you'll find on your settings page the code to insert for both the button link and our widget. We invite you to use the images which are available on the Banners page bellow.
Q: Can I have several accounts on ?
No, because it is against the principles stated in the GCU. Furthermore, as a professional (doctor, secretary, dentist,…) you do not need a patient's account for your own appointments as the professional's access already includes this option. Therefore, each user of must have it's own personal account. If we happen to know that a member is subscribed on several accounts, we will be obliged to close all his accounts.
Q: I manage my appointments on a paper calendar, is it easy to shift to ?
You only have to decide of the start date from which you will make all appointments on this portal and to add the future appointments already made from your previous agenda. You can therefore start to use very soon. For example if you are almost fully booked until month end, it is best to open and begin to booking online immediately for appointments beginning start of next month. If in addition you have an electronic customer database that you can export with the software you use, then no manual input will be necessary.
Q: How will my clients be made aware of the possibility to make appointments through Internet ?
We advise you to quickly inform your patients about this new opportunity for taking their appointments in order to reduce rapidly the number of phone calls you receive for appointments :
- asking for their email when booking over the phone the first time
- by verbally informing your patients during consultations and as well when patients make appointments by phone
- by placing a voice message during waiting periods on your phone line explaining how to book appointments through Internet
- by placing a small poster in the waiting room for example
- by showing this option on your forms and documents with contact details (medical prescriptions, notes, business card, ...))
- by placing a link in the phone directories (yellow pages,...)
- by adding a link on your Google Maps record (Google Local Business Center)
- by adding a link or our widget on your website or on any of your personal pages on professional websites
To do so, we invite you to use the images made available to you on the Banners page bellow.
Q: Which link can I communicate to my patients for them to take appointments easily with me?
Just give them a direct link to your own booking page in the form of in lowercase without special caracters and with a dash (-) between the words if it is a compound name. Another possibility is to give them the address of portal where they can search your name and take their appointment. We recommend you to use our booking widget on your website.
Q: Why should I use since my Business software already includes a calendar ?
Simply because we are a service for managing appointments and not only a planning calendar and even more not just a normal online agenda. The goal is not the same and a normal calendar cannot manage making appointments online by patients. Here, the agenda is a tool which allows the professional, his assistant but as well as the artificial secretary to be able to manage appointments.
Q: I have a customer's database in electronic format. Will I have to manually re-enter them ?
Of course not. You can import key data from your customer database directly into thus avoiding to enter anything manually. It is so easy to find clients. To do that you need to be able to export your current data in formats like vCard, CSV Outlook or Thunderbird or LDIF. Most professional software allow such exports. Your goal being to enable as quickly as possible your customers to book online directly an invitation can be sent to contacts with email address.
Q: What will happen to patients without computers or Internet access ?
They will continue to call as they are used to. Indeed, is not intended to replace the phone but only to reduce the number of incoming calls and to offer a better service to professionals such as doctors, dentists or others but as well to patients by offering this type of service for appointment management. In addition you have the possibility to subscribe our phone services.
Q: How to avoid to always need to use scrap papers to show the people that I have accepted on emergency between 2 appointments ?
Indeed only one calendar must be used to avoid conflicts. We have therefore added the option for the professional to insert appointments where he wishes without affecting the pre-defined appointment schedules (surbooking system). This can allow you to show as well personal notes, you have the sole access and this is managed in one click.
Q: What does this site bring to me ?
It will relieve your own work load or the one of the secretary by reducing phone calls related to appointments. Secretaries have more time to spend on managing consultations and doctors, physiotherapists and other professionals who may work alone and are also less bothered by phone calls during their consultations.
Q: I already have too many patients. What will happen ?
We are happy for you and in your case, it will be an administrative advantage and a facility offered to your patients. All health professionals are not indeed the same as you. We can note that young people who set up their business exempt themselves of working with secretaries or online secretaries for obvious reasons such as costs. Furthermore the system can allow easier renewal or access new customers by the use of a multi-criterion search mode by patients. You can of course decide not to open the agenda to you clients and only use our advanced shared agenda online.
Q: Will you replace secretaries ? is not meant to replace medical assistants and secretaries for the good and simple reason that a lot of patients (old people, people not connected to the Internet or who do not use a computer) will never use this mean to take an appointment. One should not forget as well that this portal does not deal with emergencies or other complex situations where only the secretary's human intervention, or the professional or any specific emergency services is needed.
Q: I already use email to communicate with my patients. Why should I change ?
One of the many advantages of is to allow saving time by automating a synchronised process for appointment taking which remove the potential need for several exchanges with patient due to unavalabilies. In addition mail is not secured. On the patient's side, he can organise himself more easily and it is therefore a valuable advantage offered to him..
Q: How can this be of interest for my patients ?
It is an additional way available to the patient for taking an appointment at any time (weekend, night, after his work day,…) from any place within a few seconds, taking into account his own constraints and without having to call someone, for wich the disadvantages are often to wait and not always to get a welcoming speaker or eventually disturbed or stressed.
Q: Will you develop versions in languages other than English? is already multilingual and for now both French and English interfaces are fully available. We may add new languages in the future depending on needs but feel to contact us if you want to participate in multilingual translation.
Q: How do you manage updates? Do I need to pay anything to benefit from these?
There is no update to be done by users, they are done automatically by us and they are free.

Functions of the site

Q: Are the appointment schedules hidden ?
They are not only hidden but simply not posted! It is important not to allow anyone to view who has taken an appointment but this is not enough for the agenda of the health professional. Indeed you have requested not to allow people to understand how you work (habits, work load...)
Q: Does the patient choose his appointment as he wish ?
Yes and No. In fact, it depends on the preferences of patients and health professionals, which will be considered. To handle this difficulty, we have created an artificial secretary search module which best manages the fulfillment of the appointment calendar considering as well appointments already made and appointments' duration. The patient is being proposed available and non-random schedules as it would be by phone and does not access the medical agenda in any way even to choose his medical appointment.
Q: On Internet, some patients will have fun by booking fake appointments. How will you avoid this ?
Why will they be doing it more on internet than by phone? In opposition to phone, any user of is identified by his IP address but as well as by his user id to be able to make an appointment. Furthermore, it is a portal not a personal site, therefore being banned will bear more consequences. However there will always be people seeking to do harm and you only have to inform us about any abnormal behavior so that we can take measures in accordance to the GCU (warning, banning,...)
Q: How can we limit the number of forgotten appointments ?
A reminder is sent by mail to patients 48h before their appointments. You can as well choose to be reminded by SMS which will be sent 24h before the appointment. The reminder option is launched as soon as the appointment is made wether the appointment is taken through internet or by phone as soon as an email address is entered.
Q: What is the cancellation rule for appointments ?
Patients can cancel up to one hour before the planned online appointment (or the beginning of home visit range). They can at any time cancel by phone by calling the contact number of the professional. Not canceling systematically appointments is an abnormal behavior as specified in the GCU. The professional can report the noshow of a patient through one simple click.
Q: How is the patient advised of an appointment change?
For each action on the appointment (creation, cancellation, reschedule,…) an email notification is send. The professional has the possibility to add a customized reason to the email sent.
Q: I work in several clinics with different appointment types and durations. How do you manage the complexity linked to medical practice ?
It is true that calendar planning software and electronic appointment management software (online or not) only rarely allows a smooth adjustment which allows to fit with the activity. creates tailor-made at all levels. Indeed the whole system can be improved but we think that most of you, in whatever speciality, shall find the extent of adjustment possibilities appropriate. This concerns the places of work, types of consultations with their own specific features (duration, associated places, availability for new patients and online,...). We can for example imagine that you have consultations in medical rooms or in clinics with eventually home visits and that you cannot practice the same actions or in the same way. A renewal prescription is faster than a complete diagnosis.
Q: Is it easy to give an appointment to a patient ?
Yes. Giving an appointment to a patient brings 4 types of situations when it concerns:
- your existing patients - you only need to enter the first 3 letters of the name or the first name to find a patient. Furthermore we have his phone number and his address to select him
- a member of the portal - he must give you his user id and his date of birth to take a first appointment
- an individual who is not a member but who has an email - you must therefore enter a short patient details form including the email. The professional must then communicate his user identification automatically generated and he will then receive a mail inviting him to complete his registration if he wishes to take an appointment online in the future
- an individual who is not a member and has no email - you must therefore enter a short patient details form. The professional will be the only one being able to edit his details and will be able to add an email adress for this user if he provides it later.

Just choose the appointment type and confirm it.
Q: How will I do to manage 2 agenda in parallel ?
Using this site implies that you use only the portal on Internet else it is cannot be managed as conflicts would arise. Either by the professional, his secretary or the patient, all actions must be done on the site for real time updates. In so doing, there is no risk for duplicates. All appointments must be made through this medium. It is as well for this reason that the option to create schedules for medical representatives has been added.
Q: I already use a callcenter to manage my calls. Can I still use your services ?
No worries. Tell your local secretariat you wish to use our shared calendar online. If they do not want to assist you in this matter but you are contractually committed to them for some time you can still use to reduce your costs. Simply create appointment slots in complement to your call center. You can for example start by defining one hour slot daily for your online clients. Of course you'll need to remove it from the call center availabilities to avoid conflicts. Gradually, as your patients will use this service you will just transfer slots from one calendar to another and thus reduce your costs.
Q: Can I share my calendar with several doctors and professionals?
Yes, you can share your agenda with internal or external staff of the clinic. You give them permission and choose the access rights granted to them. If you wish, you can also share your clients. This is commonly done between colleagues within a practice. Of course it is possible at any time to modify or withdraw sharing very simply. The possibility of sharing your agenda is free for the first sharing like it’s the case for a replacement.
Q: How to manage a leave with a replacement doctor?
Simply share your calendar giving sufficient rights to run your office. That way you do not give access to your account directly and at the end of the replacement simply withdraw the sharing and no data will be made available.
Q: I’m a doctor and I’ll be replaced occasionally. How to inform my patients?
It's very simple. Just indicate that you are replaced by Dr. Smith on dd/mm in the type and/or location comment fields so that your customers can see when booking the appointment or when receiving emails of confirmation/reminding of the appointment. You can also mention in the activity description of your profile if you wish. As previously mentioned we encourage you not to give your login details but to share your agenda with the person replacing you.
Q: I am a specialist. How does a general practitioner can book a first appointment with me for his patient?
You can easily share your agenda with your correspondents. Choosing this calendar sharing method does not give any visibility on your appointments and patients. Your correspondent just needs a professional account (even if it does not use the calendar for himself). He can then search appointments for his client and print the appointment details with a map and your instructions. This system allows for easy coordination between you who have directly the appointments taken, your correspondent does not need to wait on the phone and the patient has his appointment immediately.
Q: I work in an office several gynaecologists/obstetricians and we replace each other as needed and we have 2 secretaries. Can your software handle this kind of situation?
Yes, absolutely. Each doctor should simply give access to its agenda to the secretaries and to other practitioners sharing client’s files and with sufficient rights. In this way everyone can intervene in the agenda of others. The possibility of sharing between practitioners in addition to the management of secretaries allows the system to scale to any configuration and size.
Q: My secretary works in my medical office, and another one at the clinic. Is it manageable on your portal ?
Yes very easily. We allow you to share your agenda with your personal assistant but you can as well add other secretaries if needed. Each one of them can have specific access rights to some specific places.
Q: Must I explain everything once again to my assistant's substitute during their vacations ?
You have the choice. The only thing to respect is that each user of must have his own personal account. You can add the substitute secretary to the list and define him/ her access limitations in the same way as your actual secretary. You can even give a partial right which does not give access to the agenda itself but allows to use the search module which already contain your preferences. This will bring the secretary to be operational more quickly.
Q: I am secretary and I have several physicians to manage. Will I have to open each doctor agenda separately when needed?
No, you have a direct access to the agendas of each doctor within your interface with a simple selector of the name.
Q: How do I decide from whom to accept an appointment ?
You are free at any time to cancel or modify an appointment for a patient in respect however of your deontological obligations. To do so and as default, you will receive notification by mail for every first appointment made for a new patient. We also offer the opportunity to prohibit some patients to book an appointment directly online and they will then have to call for that. You really have total control over setup preferences of the appointment calendar.
Q: I have created my account as a medical secretary but I only have access to a personal interface. How can I access my professional interface?
This is quite normal. You will access the assistant interface once the first professional invites you to manage his agenda through his account and that you accept this invitation. You can work very easily with several professionals at a time.


Q: How is data security ensured ?
Once connection is set between your work station and servers of, the transaction is made through a secured tunnel SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which consists of establishing a communication channel between the work station and the server for storing data. We have as well used strong encoding for storing exchanged data to be used by the mailbox in conformity to the rules of the CNIL (French Data Protection Authority). However this is not sufficient and the choice of the password is of utmost importance as well as securing your terminal/work station (antivirus and firewall).
Q: How is data security of personal medical data ensured ?
First of all, as a service provider we only treat with personal data linked to appointment management and not health related data for example for the medical records of patients. We cannot therefore be considered as a web host for health related data (article L1111-8 of French Public Health Code) which has been confirmed by CNIL. Furthermore, in conformity to our GCU, data in relationship to the use of the service (appointments details for example) will not be communicated to commercial partners.
Q: How do you ensure the availability of the service ?
It is impossible to guarantee a 100% level of service. However, in order to minimise risks of interruption of the service concerning duration we have set a structure of high availability of servers which allows to reset back the portal online if this happens rapidly. Furthermore you can print/ download your appointments at any time and if you wish you can receive as option an automatic fax copy on a daily basis. Furthermore as a Premium user you'll have the capability to export your appointments to most agendas via Google Calendar.


Q: I made a mistake while entering my email address and was therefore unable to finalize my account. What can I do?
Just send us a message via the contact us page with the wrong and valid addresses and your telephone number for verification. We will make the change and send you a new validation email. In all cases you should refrain in creating a new account as you might find yourself banished from our portal for duplicate accounts.
Q: I have not received the validation email for my account and I’m sure my email address was correct. What should I do?
The most common reason is that the message was placed in your spam/junk folder. If it’s not the case please enter your email address on the "Forgot your password?" page to receive it again.
To ensure you receive our emails in the future, we recommend adding the address "" to your address book and/or white list.
Q: I accidentally deleted the email containing the link validation and I can’t access my account. Can you send me the link again?
It is very easy to receive the link to finalize your account again. Just enter your email address on the "Forgot your password?" page.
Q: I gave my email to my doctor when booking an appointment and I received confirmation of the appointment. How can I access my account?
You should have received at the same time as confirmation of the appointment an email inviting you to complete your registration with a link that you have to click. If not, or if you have lost this second email please enter your email address on the "Forgot your password?" page to receive it again.

Do you have a problem?

Q: I tried to book an appointment with my doctor but I can’t find him. What should I do ? is not a directory or a simple list of health professionals. To be accessible your doctor needs to become a member of the portal. It is best to talk to your practitioners. Your doctor has a lot to win in using our calendar to manage his appointments. You will then benefit from an easy and immediate way to make appointments online. You can also use the link "Tell your friends".
Q: I am not an IT expert. Can you advise and help me?
Of course and whatever the reason is we will help you. Just contact us through the online chat support or write to us via the link that appears at the bottom of each page and we will gladly contact you by email or phone, depending on the nature of the assistance requested (setup, training and other issues…). Please tell us how to reach you and your availabilities.
Q: How do I send my suggestions, critics or inform about possible dysfunctions ?
Concerning this, we encourage you to send your comments by using the contact page and to send suggestions as this portal will live through and for you and it is therefore meant to be kept adapted to your needs. Thank you to inform us about any bug met, and do so by specifying the browser (type and version), URL as well as a detailed description of the problem.
Q: I need to reconnect quite often. Is it normal ?
You have surely blocked the use of cookies on your browser. To benefit fully of the functions of the site, you must authorise them (This is normally set in the Options of your browser).
Q: Why does the site seem not to function correctly ?
You must have authorised JavaScript execution since uses AJAX technology.
Q: The site is slow. What should be done ?
The site uses intensively AJAX technology which requires many resources. The site may look slow for old computers or using non latest navigator versions. We work a lot in order to optimize this aspect, but if you have the opportunity to update your browser, this will help.
Q: How to get rid of the pop-up Only secure content displayed in Internet Explorer 9 ?
You can easily remove the mixed content warning in Internet Explorer (version 9 and above). Here are the steps to get the secure prompt removed:
- Click on Tools and then on Internet Options
- Switch to Security tab
- Click on Custom Level
- Under Miscellaneous tab, select the option Accept Display mixed content.
- Save the changes by clicking twice on OK.
Q: My speciality does not appear on your site. Can you add it ?
Yes, indeed. Do not hesitate to contact us if your practice is legal in the country where you work and it makes sense to add it to the portal and we will then study your request.
Q: My email address has changed. What should I do ?
You can simply change it in your account profile. Don't hesitate to contact us if you lost your password and you don't have access anymore to your old email account.
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