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Now available for all other professionals needing a free advanced appointment management system (beauty saloon, , hairdresser, lawyer, accountant, plumber, coach, teacher, administration,...)

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-Complete redesigning of our server infrastructure
-Automatic removal of customer records duplicates
-Kiné Actualités - Prise de rendez-vous sur Internet : Utile ou superflu ? - 01/2016
-Waiting room management
-New interface to manage all group calendars on the same view
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 Key advantages for Medical Secretaries

This new portal provides possibilities which contribute to a better organisation of your activity. Choosing and recommending it to your medical professional(s) brings you both to benefit of exceptional advantages.

•  Easy to manage - The best possible management of your appointments when using Be ensured of a fully secured environment while working as a secretary simultaneously with the health professional.
You get access to information relating to appointments simultaneously with other users. Any change is made immediately on the site while remaining available to those authorised.
•  Save time – You spend less time on the phone to reply to patients’ phone calls. You can devote yourself much more to important and urgent tasks in the medical office.
Patients now use the portal to make appointments, this brings to a reduction in phone calls and therefore your work load decreases. You get access as well to appointments taken by patients when connecting to the site.
•  Information stored in a common place – You save more time due to the database, which keeps in memory all patients having already taken appointments. There is no need to re-enter “contact details” for a new appointment of a patient having already used the portal. All information and contact details of the patient remain in the memory and you save time on each entry.
•  Optimised so as to manage several professionals – You can work with several professionals on the same interface by only choosing the required professional in the list of those who have invited you to share your calendar.
•  Functions and authorisation levels are defined and personalised – The professional invites you to share part or all of his calendar and you can work as many users if for example there are many assistants.
•  A complete tool of encrypted mailbox with calls and task management – This allows you to very easily communicate by using a common system to manage most problems linked to appointments.
•  Smart search – In a few clicks, you obtain the available time schedules. The use of the “smart secretary” algorithm facilitates the search and optimises the management of appointments.
Instead of deep and slow searching through the planning to obtain available schedules, you only have to perform a search to immediately obtain corresponding schedules on the patient’s request or on the requirements of health professional. You save time and appointment making is much more easy and fast now.
•  Demonstration
You can have an idea of the functionalities of the tool by connecting to the demonstration account with user identification demosec and password demo.

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