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-Complete redesigning of our server infrastructure
-Automatic removal of customer records duplicates
-Kiné Actualités - Prise de rendez-vous sur Internet : Utile ou superflu ? - 01/2016
-Waiting room management
-New interface to manage all group calendars on the same view
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 News and innovation in appointment management software

You will find below the list of the main changes and innovations of your appointments management software.
Please send us your comments and suggestions.

Complete redesigning of our server infrastructure (10/2017)
Complete change of infrastructure and servers to ensure always better availability, performance and security of our appointment booking services.
Automatic removal of customer records duplicates (02/2017)
Feature to automatically delete duplicate customer records. This automatically removes the vast majority of duplicates created by professionals and secretaries. However, there may still be records for which manual intervention will be necessary to avoid deleting homonyms. This functionality complements the existing one-click option to delete records in the Clients management of the professional account.
Waiting room management (07/2014)
One click possibility to indicate the arrival time of the client in the waiting room and the actual starting time of the appointment. It is immediately visible on the professional agenda with hatchings and times allowing to estimate the potential delays.
New interface to manage all group calendars on the same view (07/2014)
Medical practices with similar specialties and professions in the beauty sector can save even more time by managing the appointment of the day for their professionals simultaneously (depending on sharing rights). This view is also extremely useful to practice/clinic secretaries and independent secretaries.
Launch of our REST API for calendar synchronization with the practice management software (02/2013)
More information here
Organize your appointments with our new WebApp on your smartphone in a few clicks (06/2012)
After several months of development,'s team is pleased to announce the launch of its WebApp for professionals having subscribed to a Premium account.
As part of this release, the mobile application is also exceptionally accessible to other professionals until 30 June 2012.

To use the mobile application, you must have the latest smartphone generation such as the Apple iPhone or the iPad for iOS and Samsung, LG or HTC for Android, and an internet connection on your mobile phone (3G, wireless).

You can then manage your appointments when in mobility (book, cancel, move, edit customer records) but also send an SMS to clients with one click.

Some additional features will appear soon and we also rely on user feedback to change this WebApp.

Open the browser on your smartphone and enter the following address in the url bar at the top: or, simplier, scan this QRcode:

Possibility to link to your professional website and creation of an invisible mode for agendas used internally (03/2012)
In addition to usual formats like csv, vcf et ldif, you can now import your Hellodoc clients database easily (01/2012)
Follow us on our new Google+ official page (11/2011)
First time appointment booking is now even faster and more user-friendly (10/2011)
Simplification of sharing with referring professionals / correspondents (03/2010)
For your referring professionals to address their clients, it is very simple. They just have to create their account and you can then invite them as correspondent. It is of course free. They can then quickly book appointments for their clients without having visibility on your calendar and your clients list and therefore ensuring better management of resources. They do not need to setup fully their agenda if they do not wish to use the system for themselves.
Improvement of the appointment search process by the client (02/2010)
The appointment booking process by the client has been clarified based on your feedback. The commercial/medical representatives can now get their first appointment before registering like for any other type of appointment. The Professional can add a specific description for commercial appointment type if needed. Of course, if the Professional does not display the Commercial type of appointment it means that it can't be booked online. In addition, to simplify the display, home visits do not appear anymore before client login.
- is now accessible to all professionals in order to create a special relationship with their clients (wellness, hairdresser, coach, services, professionals ,...) (01/2010), the hassle-free and fully-featured online appointment scheduling software is now open to all professionals (wellness and beauty, services, professionals, administrations,...), who like health professionals have a need for professional relationship management services. Please contact us if you want to use our services, but your profession is not listed yet.
Our phone booking service is now available (12/2009)
The phone permanence option allows you to have a professional medical secretary manage your appointments on the phone for an hour, a day, during your vacations or in addition to your assistant. In short you simply transfer your line to us whenever you need us during our 64 hours of weekly attendance! Like all of our options it's a no-commitment service that lets you freely manage your calendar and which is a good complement the Internet part opened to patients.
Launch of the software developers API wishing to integrate booking services in their applications (12/2009)
Opening of our API to third parties software editors to offer their customers the rich functionalities of our portal. If you are interested in our API, thank you to contact us.
Availability of Premium account (appointments export,...) (12/2009)
In response to requests we have created the Premium Account which allows you to benefit from unique features (Export to Google Calendar and other calendar programs like iCal and the iPhone, importing contacts, search widget,...).
Launch of our Affiliate Program (11/2009)
Referral is simplified by adding a custom personal link (11/2009)
You want to invite colleagues and friends more quickly and more easily? A special link is now available in your member area. You can also use banners recently made available.
Our banners are now available for you to make Referrals easier (11/2009)
We have created a page with our banners. By placing a link on your site, you will enable your visitors to discover our booking services for free.
Rendez-vous Facile introduces the new version of its website ! (10/2009)
Rendez-vous Facile has now a more modern design and better adapted to navigation. A French version is also available as you can see from the language selection menu to the right.
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