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-Complete redesigning of our server infrastructure
-Automatic removal of customer records duplicates
-Kiné Actualités - Prise de rendez-vous sur Internet : Utile ou superflu ? - 01/2016
-Waiting room management
-New interface to manage all group calendars on the same view
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 Key advantages for Health Professionals

Save time and use the web !

This portal provides a modern tool which is simple to use, which does not require any drastic administrative change. It simply helps you to better manage your appointment calendar.

It is free and available 24h/24 from any work station connected to the internet. No software installation is required and it is ready to be used immediately after registration.

As a result:
- Get an optimised and tailor made appointment book,
- Save time for the management of appointments (appointment making and change).

•  Personalised parameter settings of your planning
After subscription, a few steps are required for the configuration of your agenda and of the implementation towards adapting to your needs and constraints. This renders an optimised and reliable planning based on precise data such as:
  - Start and end time for the planning,
  - Worked days of the week, vacation and public holidays,
  - Duration of the consultation according to the appointment type,
  - Consideration of several work places,
  - Personal preferences which is suitable to the way of proposing appointments.
You have a total control on time schedules, which reduces the risk of saturating or overloading your planning.

•  Function on "smart secretary" mode by use of algorithms which take into account the preferences of the professional as well as the different work places, consultation types and programmed schedules.
•  Security and confidentiality
protocol SSL 128 bits guarantees secure information exchange process and data encryption ensures complete confidentiality of communication between you and your patients. We provide a web mail like service, where all messages are encrypted and visualised only by the recipient. Furthermore, identities of all patients remain secure and confidential and are only available to you and to your authorised secretaries.

•  Optimisation of home visits
You can as well make appointments for patients who need to be visited at home. Geo-localisation facilitates this appointment type because it gives access to the patient’s address and to the visual geographical position, as well as to other functions which are provided .
•  Simultaneous access of other users to up-to-date data
You can access, modify or delete data without any risk, data update is done immediately in spite of the simultaneous use of the software, no matter the number of users. This guarantees the validity of data as well as access to recent data.
•  Management of data duplication risks
The system organises appointments as data are added or amended for each appointment.
There is therefore no risk of duplicates since everything is automatically handled by conflict management algorithms .
•  Reduction of absenteeism by using “appointment reminders” by email or sms and as well by the compulsory subscription to the portal giving access to services reserved for members.
•  Important criteria for successful optimal use!
It is important that after subscription, in order to appear on non-nominal search modules, to use the tool most regularly and to encourage your patients to make appointments through the site as soon as possible.
•  Save time for you and your patients
Patients are now taking appointments through this portal; the number of phone calls is reduced. You can devote more time to your patients as well as to the management of important and urgent tasks at the medical office.

•  Independent and reliable tool
In order to use only one calendar, we have provided the possibility to make additional notes which allows you to create appointments in addition to the official ones for example to insert an urgent and last minute appointment while fully booked.
As such, it requires no other support for the management of appointments.

•  Demonstration
You can have an idea of the functionalities of the tool by connecting to the demonstration account with user identification demodocen and password demo.

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Last modified: 11/07/2013

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